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before & after.

So I bought this owl at a thrift store about two years ago, and so far the only purpose it has served has been as home to a few random knick-knacks and a whole lotta dust. Since I now have the dorm-partment to myself, I've been having a blast coming up with decorating ideas.

In my free time this week I cut out about ten billion fabric triangles to make pennants for my walls, but that project is still in progress, so no pictures yet. Mom and I also picked up some super awesome bookshelves from Target yesterday that were on sale. Those will go in my kitchen area as a place to put my microwave, and also be a cute little nook for books and whatever else. The wall these are going on seriously needed something, and when I found these bookshelves they were perfect!

So back to the owl.

When I got it, it was this weird hand-painted-y orange color that has never matched anything I have. I bought it because it would be cool in a different color, but in the two years since, I still haven't painted it. I had planned to take it with me to decorate the dorm-partment, but not before I painted it.

I rifled through my parents extensive cabinet-o-leftover-spray-paint and found an almost full can of silver! So the hideous orange owl is now a super chic silver. It took about two minutes to spray paint, and it's now one of the coolest things I own.

Boom. DIY.


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